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AML / KYC Platform
UX / UI Lead and Creative director

The client

Finologee is a fast-growing digital platform operator of robust, ready-made, and compliant systems and APIs for open finance, digital onboarding, KYC lifecycle management, professional payments as well as telecom routing and micropayments.

Finologee draws on this deep experience in building digital platforms and ecosystems from scratch.

The company is also regulated with an IT Provider and financial data communications license by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance and is also ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

Project goal

The goal was to create from scratch a new KYC manager tool on the Luxembourg market to allow B2B clients, for example banks or financial institutions, to perform requests to their clients about KYC data.

On the other hand, the final clients should have a clean and easy system to perform the requested action, mainly uploading new and updated documents or updating static data.

• Limited time: 3 months project
• No access to final users
• I was the only UX and UI designer working for the client
Example image of the Finologee KYC Manager App

What is KYC?

KYC aka “Know Your Customer” is the practice carried out by companies to verify the identity of their clients
in compliance with legal requirements and current laws and regulations.


The company has been a key player in the market for over 10 years, proudly producing high-quality products with the "Made in Luxembourg" stamp.

Because of this long-standing presence and familiarity with our target audience, we've had the advantage of easily gathering clear, insightful data for user research.

The initial phase of our research focused on creating three samples of Provisional Personas, which are outlined below.

I've broken down the statement into more digestible parts for better clarity and added some details for context.

The revised version aims to make the timeline, company credibility, and research goals more explicit.

Provisional personas

User flows

Once the sketch and the idea had been approved, the next step was to consolidate and expand the flows in a digital format, to present it to the Finologee managing board to decide on  modifications and next steps together.
Below are some examples of the User Flows designed for the key steps that the users should perform on the platform.

KYC manager user flow
First onboarding process
User flow
Launching a campaign


Once the flow is understood and validated, the time comes to create wireframes and get a first feeling of what the actual app might look like and behave.
Here, I had some significant technical constraints because I had to adapt the product to an existing UI framework already selected by the client, which ended up re-managing some of the flows and behaviors drafted on the first phase of wireframing.

This process was absolutely challenging and brought to new great and fresh ideas. Collaborating closely with the development team, I realized that these ideas were helping me and the business run and make decisions smoothly.

Below are some screens from the wireframes produced, that were created and prototyped in Adobe XD.

Wireframe of a dashboardWireframe of the campaign managerWireframe of entity DBmodal window of Database managerwireframe of a modal window for Database managerWireframe of audit trail feature


Example image of the Finologee KYC Manager AppCampaign manager designCampaign manager designCampaign manager design