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Hi, I am Carlo



I am a Product and Web Designer in Luxembourg, who helps companies worldwide to design digital products, building proficient and happy relationships.

Funny Image of Carlo Ciccarelli, Freelance Senior Product Designer

A little bit about me

Over the past years, I have primarily focused on designing for the fin-tech industry and other data-driven companies.

As a hardworking professional, I am confident in my ability to successfully execute any design project, regardless of its scope or complexity.

Throughout my design career, I have held various roles including UX Manager, UX Designer, UI Designer, "Prototyper", and Brand Designer.

My experience spans from working within small, agile teams on MVP projects to collaborating with larger development teams on product lifecycles that extend over multiple years.

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My services

No Code Website Development

Looking for a stunning, custom-designed website that's easy to manage? My web design service with Webflow has got you covered.
Landing page, Blog, E-commerce, you name it, I build it.

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Responsive Product and Web Design

My Product Design and UX/UI services are designed to create intuitive and delightful user experiences, from ideation to execution.
You'll get a beautiful and accessible Product that's tailored to your needs, goals and brand.

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Mod. and Unmod. Usability Testing

When it comes to conducting remote usability testing, there's no one-size-fits-all approach.
That's why it's crucial to have an expert who understands the key rules for conducting effective testing. That's where I come in.

Working remotely

As a seasoned designer with over a decade of experience, I have worked for leading IT consulting companies and design studios such as Tangity, as well as small and medium UX and web agencies.

With my extensive background, I am well-equipped to handle your most complex design needs, whether you require website design in Luxembourg or product design services.

While I offer remote support, I am also open to on-site collaboration if your business is based in Luxembourg or nearby. Let's work together to create stunning digital experiences that drive your business forward.

Case Studies
& Projects.

Ideation  /  User Flows  / Wireframing  /  Prototyping  / User Interface

Finologee: AML/KYC Manager Platform

The goal was to create a new platform for the Luxembourg market to ease banks and financial institutions AML / KYC processes. The main idea was to create a “campaign-based” platform to send requests of updates to final users.

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Finologee project, view of a dashboard design
Ideation  /  Wireframing  /  Prototyping  /  User Interface

KNEIP: Cross Border Fund Distribution Platform

I've been a UX and UI Designer for the project, helping the team shape the new Cross Boarder Fund Distribution Platform for the Internal Ops team.

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Image of a Layout for the Cross Border Fund Distribution platform
Real Estate
Ideation  /  User Flows  /  Sitemap  /  Wireframing  /  Prototyping  /  User Interface

Giorgetti: Website design

The goal was to create a new website for the Giorgetti company, a leading construction company in Luxembourg. They wanted to mix their capability of building by their own -any kind of- constructions and civil engineering, with the possibility of being also Real Estate agents and selling their own buildings.

Detail page coming soon
Image of the design layout for proposal made for the Giorgetti website
Search Engine
Ideation  /  User Flows  /  Analytic analysis  /  Wireframing  /  User Interface

Explorator: Website re-design

The final website wanted to be the number one search engine, for finding restaurants in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
The final design addresses the challenge of accommodating a big amount of restaurants with related high-quality pictures and transposing all the existing comments to the new CMS.

Detail page coming soon
Image of the design layout for the restaurant search engine.
Online Magazine
Ideation  /  Wireframing  /  User Interface

City: Website re-design

City is the online magazine of the Luxembourg city. The goal of the project was to create the online version of the paper magazine that is distributer for free to the entire city.
A particular attention as been put on following accessibility standards.

Detail page coming soon
Image of the design layout for the online magazine website