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I am a Product and Web Designer in Luxembourg, who helps companies worldwide to design solid digital products.


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They call me: the SaaS Expert

Imagine a design Swiss Army Knife - that's me! I've danced with fin-tech and data-jugglers, turned complex projects into masterpieces, and donned hats from UX manager to Brand Designer.

Whether I'm vibing with a small squad on MVP magic or riding along multi-year product marathons with bigger teams, I'm your go-to design ninja!


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Website design and development

E-commerce design and development

Landing page design and development

SaaS design

Mobile app design

Design systems

Heuristic UX audits

E-mail design

Usability testing


Advanced prototyping

Social media graphics

Digital Advertising

Business Cards

Brochures and flyers

Slide deck templates



I worked with...

Sustainment company logo
DFIN company logo
Kneip company logo
Finologee company logo
BIL company logo
Royal bank of canada logo
PWC company logo
Worldline company logo
City company logo

Case Studies
& Projects.

Ideation  /  Wireframing  /  Prototyping  /  User Interface

KNEIP: Cross Border Fund Distribution Platform

The aim was to develop a product specifically designed to assist the internal operations team in accelerating all processes related to fund distribution.
From automatic document creation and translation in more than twenty different languages to the pure fund distribution.

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Image of a Layout for the Cross Border Fund Distribution platform
Ideation  /  User Flows  / Wireframing  /  Prototyping  / User Interface

Finologee: AML/KYC Manager Platform

The objective was to develop a fresh platform specifically designed for the Luxembourg market that simplifies Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for banks and financial institutions. The central concept was to establish a campaign-oriented platform that enables the dissemination of update requests to end-users.

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Finologee project, view of a dashboard design
Real Estate
Ideation  /  User Flows  /  Sitemap  /  Wireframing  /  Prototyping  /  User Interface

Giorgetti: Website design

The goal was to develop a new website for Giorgetti, a premier Luxembourg construction firm.
They aimed to blend their expertise in diverse construction projects and civil engineering with their own real estate services, offering a unique platform to showcase and sell their buildings.

Detail page coming soon
Image of the design layout for proposal made for the Giorgetti website
Search Engine
Ideation  /  User Flows  /  Analytic analysis  /  Wireframing  /  User Interface

Explorator: Website re-design

The ultimate goal was to establish the website as the premier search engine for finding restaurants in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The final design adeptly manages a large quantity of restaurant listings, each accompanied by high-quality images, and facilitates the seamless transition of existing reviews into the new Content Management System (CMS).

Detail page coming soon
Image of the design layout for the Explorator.lu restaurant search engine.
Online Magazine
Ideation  /  Wireframing  /  User Interface

City: Website re-design

City is an online magazine representing Luxembourg City. The objective of this project was to create a digital counterpart to the freely distributed print magazine, making it accessible to the entire city's populace.

A significant emphasis was placed on adhering to accessibility standards to ensure a user-friendly experience for all visitors.

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Image of the design layout for the City.lu online magazine website