iMac with a dashboard design inside


Fund Distribution Platform
UX / UI Designer

The client

Kenip is a leader in fund data management and reporting solutions for the asset management industry in Luxembourg.

They help their clients manage their data efficiently ensuring compliance in a changing regulatory environment.
The KNEIP solution remove complexity throughout the fund lifecycle, reducing risks, controlling their costs and focus on what they do best: delivering returns to their investors.

Project goal

The internal KNEIP CBFD (Cross Boarder Fund Distribution) was a platform to simplify the fund distribution process and automate the creation and distribution of the huge amount of documentations.

This documentation is also usually created in many different languages, for each fund.

The goal was to create from scratch a new platform for the internal Operational team in KNEIP, to ease their daily job.

With that in mind the OPS team could have saved time and money and mostly be more efficient and fast, responding to their customer's requests.

What is Fund Distribution?

It is a services to help asset managers with the distribution of their UCITS, AIF or other collective investment schemes (CIS) in other countries.This service provide support throughout the whole distribution value chain from product development, through distribution, to ongoing due diligence.


The team(s)

The KNEIP company is in the Luxembourg Fund Industry market since almost three decades. It has always been considered as the top company in Luxembourg in this field.

The project was composed by three different teams, each one focused on one aspect of the application.


The project started directly from some sketch ideas from which the client asked to work on.
After establishing the teams composition, the first step has been to create a prototyped version of wireframe in Axure.

Using Axure RP gave us the ability to move fast and to prototype complex functionalities to be tested with the internal OPS team, so that we knew the direction we were taking was the right one.